Guide to the Basics of Account Based Marketing Strategy

Do you want to learn how an Account Based Marketing strategy works? Who this strategy is suitable for and how to use it in practice? Do you know that ABM delivers a higher return on investment than any other B2B marketing strategy or tactic? Therefore, so that you can start thinking about the preparation of your first ABM campaign, we have adapted the text of our colleagues from BBN Denmark into Czech, creating this unique e-book. The text is supplemented by comments from leading marketers and organizations who have been implementing ABM for a long time.

Why does it make sense to get the e-book?
  • You will find out what the basic pillars of a successful ABM strategy are
  • The main topic is a detailed description of the five key steps that need to be taken into account when creating an ABM strategy
  • In addition, the e-book contains a practical checklist that will make it easier for you to work on creating content for your own ABM strategy

Are you looking for an Account Based Marketing specialist?

We have completed several successful implementations of communication strategies and B2B campaigns that use ABM procedures. We have used the Account-Based Marketing with the following clients, for example.

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