Acquisition marketing with call centre support

The aim of our cooperation was comprehensive support in the field of business development. To do this, we have drawn on our experience from similar projects, but we can also draw on the know-how shared within the global BBN group of agencies. Specifically, in this case it is the BBN Navigator process methodology. This essentially contains a comprehensive Account-Based Marketing process that mapped out the client’s strategic goals and needs and translated them into practice when implementing an ABM campaign.

The campaign was shortlisted in the 2016 Czech Direct & Promo direct marketing campaign competition.

Immediately after validating the database, an elaborate 3D direct mail was sent to key decision makers.
The creative solution of the campaign focused on 6 main benefits. Each of the benefits had its own content, visual and video presentation at different stages of the campaign.
Detail of benefit-saving copy placed in 3D direct mail.
Example of working with leads in the marketing cloud. The system was connected to the campaigns and landing page, monitored the behavior of leads, according to the set scoring moved them in the conversion funnel and sent alerts to the store. The system served as a CRM as well as for call centre call recording.
Video testimonial for landing page
Video animation with trailer for 6 benefits