Brand redesign with brand workshop

Prior to the launch of creative work at FenStar, a manufacturer of windows and doors, we conducted a moderated Brand Workshop, which focused on the analysis of the existing brand position, mapping the level of presentation of competitors’ brands, analysis of target groups. The workshop resulted in important inputs for creative development – Brand Identity Map, brand portfolio organization and description of key personasin the buying process.

The result of our creative work was a 40-page Corporate Identity Manual including the new rebranded brand, brand usage principles, graphic application of the visual style to the most important corporate and marketing materials.

Original logo on the left. Redesigned logo on the right.
Brand manual / corporate identity setup
We stuck to the client's corporate colours - a luxurious combination of navy blue and gold - but we also wanted to draw the eye with a bold colour mix that would highlight the rich colour palette FenStar windows offer. A stylized photograph of a mysterious woman, which mixes exclusivity and wildness, fit perfectly into our concept.
Application on different corporate identity formats
Creative design of car and truck graphics.
The client was so satisfied with the result that he decided to decorate six more of his trucks with our graphics.
Inscription on the building