Internal persona workshops and automated marketing

We facilitated and led internal persona workshops that focused on the future direction of the brand and its digital transformation with respect to the products Konica Minolta has and will gradually launch.
At the workshops, we mainly discussed the future vision of the brand with managers and salespeople, both from the perspective of employees and customers. Other topics that the managers went through were the precise definition of target groups, creating detailed personas that the client can continue to work with in applying the marketing strategy. The last point we discussed was the actual products that Konica Minolta offers. We went down to the very essence of products, benefits and talked about their added value and how to present them properly.
Workshops were conducted for each product group separately.

As part of the strategy, we used know-how that we have proven from international B2B projects. Specifically, we followed the BBN Navigator methodology.
Another project for this client involved implementing a comprehensive marketing cloud, SharpSpring, and linking it to both business processes and marketing campaigns.

The aim of the campaign was to expand the client portfolio through better targeting of marketing communications, more accurate segmentation of existing and potential customers and effective lead nurturing.

Our work included consulting with the client and then creating a strategy and plan for using automated marketing to meet the client's defined requirements and goals. We implemented the system and set up the marketing cloud according to the client's specific needs. The project included training of staff who actively work with the system so that they can use it effectively to increase the success rate of winning new business.