Web portal with an e-shop and a booking system

An interesting opportunity to branch out from our work for commercial clients was a digital marketing support contract for the implementation of a new website for the Brno Philharmonic.

The Brno Philharmonic is a strong player in the field of symphonic music at home and abroad and a leading organiser of the music season.

The collaboration started by a discussion about UX design and website structure and wireframes. The result of our work is a web portal built on CMS WordPress. The portal has a hidden part accessible to users after logging in and is connected to the Colosseum ticket booking system. After completion of the website and training, the portal was handed over to the client, who has been using its publishing capabilities very actively.

The website is stored on web hosting under our management, we provide continuous updating of WordPress versions, application backups and other services related to the website as part of the service contract. Later, our developers added an e-shopto the website, which we also not only designed, but also technically connected to the client’s web portal.

The website adheres to a single Corporate Identity throughout its entire scope
Sample wrapping of pages and posts
Sample menu function
Sample menu function