BBN Navigator. Guide to activating B2B marketing campaigns.

Using the internationally proven and unique BBN Navigator methodology, we guide our clients through all phases of B2B marketing, from initial analysis, brand strategy, creative concepts, creation of content strategy, justification and setting up communication channels, activation of communication campaigns, digital channels, use of social media, and marketing automation, all the way to optimization of marketing projects and delivery of KPIs.

4. Activation Phase

Activation, prior to the launch of the communication campaign a communication plan is set up, media planning, digital channel selection, content creation and creativity take place according to the approved marketing strategy. The communication campaign is already tested in the preparatory phase before launch. If necessary, the communication project can also include a pilot phase of the campaign, which is evaluated and subsequently optimized.

In the case of B2B marketing campaigns that focus on acquisition campaigns and lead generation we frequently suggest to clients suitable tools for marketing automation.

BBN Navigator
Unique B2B marketing methodology for activating communication campaigns
The most important methodologies within Activation include:
○ Communications plan
○ Content creation (content development)
○ Create value proposition
○ Implement & train
○ Tone of voice