BBN Navigator. Guide to the creative B2B marketing strategy.

Using the internationally proven and uniqueBBN Navigator methodology, we guide our clients through all phases of B2B marketing from initial analysis, brand strategy, idea and creative concepts content strategy creation, justification and setting of communication channels, activation of communication campaigns, and marketing automation, all the way to optimization of marketing projects and KPI delivery.

3. Idea Phase

Marketing is a creative process, but it is not possible to achieve success here simply on the basis of one great idea; it is necessary that the creative idea be interconnected throughout the purchasing process and usable in all required forms and formats. The creative idea is linked to the strategy of content marketing and the content plans of communication campaigns.

As part of our B2B digital channel strategy we use our own Big Long Idea to develop creative campaigns. The purchasing process in B2B marketing is usually long and complicated — it can take months, sometimes years. Marketing strategies in B2B marketing include many interconnected communication channels and marketing technologies (MarTech). Therefore, a creative idea must work great in all marketing channels, social media and advertising formats used.

BBN Navigator
Unique B2B marketing methodology
The most important methodologies within Creative Idea include:
○ Brand names & product naming
○ Brand story & messaging
○ Communication concepts
○ Creative concepts (creative • campaign)
○ Create Martech stack
○ Messaging frameworks