BBN Navigator. B2B Marketing Strategy Guide.

Using the internationally proven and unique BBN Navigator methodology, we guide our clients through all phases of B2B marketing, from initial analysis, brand strategy, creative concepts, content strategy creation, justification and setting of communication channels, activation of communication campaigns, and marketing automation, all the way to optimization of marketing projects and KPI delivery.

1. Discovery Phase

In the initial phase, it is important for us to understand the client brief. Discovery workshop, which we moderate and manage, focuses on understanding and defining the relationships between the brand, target groups, supply and market environment. Explore how we can arrange a Persona workshop for you in the field of Branding.

In Discovery we discuss many key questions with the client: What is the goal, what do we need to achieve, who is the target customer, what is his/her behaviour, through which channels can we reach them, how competing brands are presented, what are the product and brand strengths and weaknesses .

BBN Navigator
Unique B2B marketing methodology
Among the most important elements of our unique Discovery methodology are:
○ Buyer journeys
○ Content audit
○ Competitor analysis
○ Marketing objectives
○ Research & insights
○ Target audience personas
○ Persona workshops
○ Branding consulting
○ Segmentation