BBN Navigator. Marketing strategy in B2B.

Using the internationally proven and unique BBN Navigator methodology, we guide our clients through all phases of B2B marketing, from initial analysis, brand strategy, creative concepts, creation of B2B marketing strategy and content strategies, we solve Account Based Marketing strategies, justification and setting of communication channels, activation of communication campaigns, and marketing automation, all the way to optimization of marketing projects and KPI delivery.

2. Strategy Phase

In today’s digital world, there are many paths, tools, networks, advertising systems, applications, and formats that brands use to reach their target customers.Channels, therefore, are the communication paths or communication channels, that brands select from all options as the most advantageous of all available options to meet their marketing goals. Communication channels, within the marketing strategy marketing strategy, can also be traditional, such as classical media like print advertising, TV advertising, or radio advertising, but also other off-line channels, such as addressing the market through participation in trade fairs and exhibitions.

Creating a successful channel strategy always begins with effective planning. For strategy planning, in our view, we follow the proven BBN Navigatormethodology.

In Marketing Strategy, the selection of the most suitable communication channels is the next step, where we use data analytics, benchmarks of achieved results from implemented projects, data from external providers, and price lists of advertising systems, in order to assess the advantages and disadvantages of available channels in terms of campaign content needs. hannel strategy deals with the interconnection of selected channels, multi-channel and omni channel marketing, personalization of content.

BBN Navigator
Unique B2B marketing methodology
The most important Strategy methodologies include:
○ Branding strategy
○ Communication objectives
○ Content strategy
○ Channel strategy
○ Digital strategy
○ Establish KPIs
○ Audience needs
○ Content strategy for digital marketing
○ Sales funnel